Half sphere sandstone planter

Half sphere sandstone planter

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This most requested planter has that superior style that is able to fit and uplift `almost any situation. The appearance friendly and plant style friendly planter, is available in Sandstone and GRC. It is available in various colours upon request. Another quality manufactured product by Sanstone in New Zealand
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  • The beautiful half sphere the ideal planter to display that special plant 

    Stock Item Description Price
    700 Half Sphere 700 dia x 310 high $370.00
    800 Half Sphere 800 dia x 370 high $459.00

    1000 Half Sphere    1000 dia x 4500    $595.00

    New Zealand manufactured in sandstone and grc.


  • http://sanstone.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Peter-Fell-Colours-Sanstone-NZ19.pdf
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  • The half sphere is a beautiful feature planter that shows off that special plant. Beautiful next to the pool or to fill that bare space a very versatile planter.