Indent Trough Concrete Planter

Indent Trough Concrete Planter

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The indent concrete trough adds more space and depth to existing design. They are used to create pleasant barriers to property without obstructing the views. They can be planted with hedges to add privacy where needed.
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    Stock Item Description Price
    Indent Troughs1600 1600x400x400mm $499.00
    Indent Troughs1160 1160x550x447mm $459.00
    Indent Troughs1150 1150x400x400mm $349.00
    Indent Troughs1000 1000x300x310mm $249.00
    Indent Troughs570 570x300x310mm $125.00

    Traditional or Contemporary Concrete Planters that add detail to define a space and style.

  • Indent Trough planter sandstone planter
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