Quality super lightweight planters

Quality super lightweight planters

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The super lightweight stonecast planters range are a fraction of the weight of planters in other materials. They are ideal for areas that have weight restrictions such as balcony's or apartments. Due to the lightweight material they are possible to move around.
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  • Quality super lightweight fibreglass planters. All these planters have a solid plaster-finish and are constructed from steel reinforced sand cement resin and fibre with a built in shadowline plinth base. They are ideal for apartments and areas where weight is a factor. Available in Cream and Natural Grey.

    Stock Item Description Price
    Quality super T1000

    Trough planter 1000x400x400 20kg Grey only

    Manufacture in GRC for same price - make to order - some in stock.

    $319.00 no stock
    Quality super T800 Trough planter 800x300x300 10kg Cream only $165.00 2 cream
    Quality super C600 Cube 600x600x600 XL 20kg Cream only $375.00 1 cream
    Quality super C500 Cube 500x500x500 Lge 17kg Cream only $275.00 3 cream
    Quality super C400 Cube 400x400x400 Sml 9.6kg Cream and grey $135.00  in stock
    Quality super SQ900 Gas square 300x300x900High 13kg $195.00 no stock
    Quality super E300D Vauxhall Egg Pot Small Round 300D x 300H $75.00 in stock
    Quality super E500D Vauxhall Egg Pot Medium Round 500D x 460H $275.00 in stock
    Quality super E640D Vauxhall Egg Pot Large Round 640D x 600H $375.00 in stock


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