In stock – Trough Planters and other Pots and Planters

In stock – Trough Planters and other Pots and Planters

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Trough planters are rectangular-shaped planter boxes commonly used for lining the sides and corners in an existing design.
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    Stock Item Description Price
    SSTroughs1460 1460x400x400mm 1 in stock charcoal concrete $495.00
    SSTroughs1800 1800x600x500mm 2 seconds in stock in plain concrete discounted $500 each $685.00
    SST1000/4 1000x400x400mm  2 GRC in stock in urban grey and 6 in concrete colour $319.00
    SST600 600x300x400mm   3 in Ivory sandstone in stock $189.00
    SST750 700x400x400mm 1 x Ivory in stock $199.00
    SST900/480 900x480x480mm 3 x sandstone grey in stock and 2 seconds at reduced price $315.00
    SST2000 2000x400x400mm (GRC Only) by quote $0.00
    SST1200/520 1200x380x520mm 6 x sandstone grey in stock $495.00
    SST1200 1200x300x400mm  1 x Charcoal sandstone $379.00
    SST1000 1000x300x310mm - no stock $275.00
    SST180 900x180x300 Ultra thin 2 plain concrete and 2 sandstone grey 3 ivorysandstone in stock $139.00

    We have other miscellaneous stock not included here including the tall rectangle 750 long x 300 wide x 700mm high in charcoal. 3 in stock 1 of these seconds.

    Super light weight in stock

    4 super lightweight 1m x 400 x 400mm troughs in grey sealed in stock $319 each

    12 super lightweight 800 x 300 x 300mm  troughs in sand/cream sealed in stock $165 each

    We freight around New Zealand nationally. Prices above one planter only and include GST. The prices do not include sealing priced separately.

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